Monday, September 24, 2012

BarCamp Nashville 2012 #becauseawesome

BarCamp Nashville is awesome for so many reasons. Come to this year's, and:

-- See old friends.
-- Meet new ones.

Our homegrown, free, tech, social media and marketing “unconference” lets anyone sign up to speak (hurry!) and invites everyone who is interested to show up for listening, drinking,  eating, talking,  drinking, networking, drinking, and going to the after-party.

You can choose across simultaneous sessions on the hour, and if you taste it and don't find it delicious, you can visit another one.

If you meet and greet and want to follow up, take it to the bar and make something happen.

There are also "impromptu" rooms for sessions that happen on a whim; those can be extra awesome.

Here's the info you need to make it happen:

When: Oct. 20, 2012
Where: Tequila Cowboy (formerly Cadillac Ranch), 305 Broadway, in downtown Nashville, at 3rd Avenue South.
When: All day and all of the night.

Here's a little history:

The official "BarCamp" brand is both tighter and looser than what Nashville does, and that's okay. The conference here started in 2007, with Marcus Whitney and Dave Delaney recruiting Kelly Stewart and Dean Shortland, who wrangled enough people to speak  from noon to midnight.

The conference has evolved since then, to be bigger and both more broadly and more widely focused on technology, marketing and social media. People come from all angles of those businesses. Add cocktails and stir.

See you there.

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