Sunday, October 13, 2013

Medium is pretty good

I've been over at Medium lately -- I like the smoothness but the findability still needs to grow.

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BarCamp Nashville 2013: Ch-ch-ch changes #becauseawesome

BarCamp Nashville 2013 is going to be awesome in the ways that the previous one have been -- the speakers (you know you want to), the new friends, the old friends, the crew, the sponsors, and the lunch.

But #BCN13 has changes that will be like watching ripples change their size but never leave the stream.

It will be a trip back to the future: less curated, more self-organized.

It will be like sailing through the changing ocean tide: more crowd-sourced, less random.

People can be afraid of changes, but everything's going to be all right.

You can't hold back change: change is gonna' come.

Here's the straight dope about this year's incarnation of the once and future geek extravaganza:
First held in Nashville in 2007, BarCamp Nashville is a free, technology-focused “unconference” that is equal parts networking, knowledge-building and fun. BarCamp has become the premier technology and digital event in the city, bringing together the best minds and representations of the top companies in the mobile and web development, entrepreneurial and software industries, among others. 
Attendees are encouraged to get involved through volunteering, presenting an insightful session or inspiring and leading community learning through active discussion and networking. 
In 2013, BarCamp Nashville will take a new approach to determining the event’s schedule by allowing attendees to participate in two voting periods the day of the event. This replaces the random session draw that has been used in previous years.
Be here. Aloha.