Monday, July 16, 2012

#Wireframes :: How do I work this?

A wireframe is an invitation to a conversation:
  • What do you think about this, here?
  • That, there?
  • What if it shimmied?
  • What if it shook?
  • What if it wiggled? 
  • What if it waggled?
Wireframes can be created in a vacuum and delivered over the transom to a creative team down the hall, a dev team overseas, or a client who has been excluded from the thinking that went into making them: when that happens, the project and all the people involved, from the sales team to the end user, are doomed to a bad experience.

But when wireframes are used as  a conversation starter -- to push and pull and iterate with project partners -- for working through how a mobile app or a web thing can work, that's doing it right.

One of my favorite presentation devices when I work with a new team is to wave a deck of wireframes, stop, hold it up, and tear it in half.

Wireframes are iterative.

Let's go.

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