Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go :: Travel #ux

Travel is wonderful for seeing #ux things. Here is an annotated gallery, with  thought experiments:

1.  How many ways are there to design a shower/tub faucet?
a.  There are an infinite number of ways, as is evidenced by looking at online hardware offerings or visiting your local boutique, mall or big-box home decor store.

b. There are two ways: the right way and the wrong way.
Hint: If you need to put a sign on it to tell people how it works, it's the wrong way.

2. How do you eat bread?
a.  By following the "Bread Instructions"

b. Slice, serve, store. Repeat.
Hint: Instructions that say they are "easy to follow" often aren't.

3. What should you do if the elevator gets stuck?

a. Do not become alarmed, but do press the button marked "alarm."

b. Distinguish the red button marked "alarm" from any other possible buttons marked "alarm."

c. Use telephone: Mine? Yours? Theirs?

Hint: Italics are not the right face for urgent information. Also, omit needless words.

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