Saturday, November 19, 2011

UX is a State of Mind: Swimming Birds and Flying Fish

Delight is apparent immediately: When an interaction is wonderful, you feel it.

And conversely.

So how can a big organization learn to make interactions better, for internal customers, who pay with their time and attention, and for external customers, who pay with dollars?

More UX, one interaction at a time.

If the UX mindset becomes a core corporate skill for people who touch anything that users touch, then things will work better for users, frustrate them less and delight them more.

But how?

It might start out feeling like teaching birds to swim and fish to fly, but it can happen in three ways: through training, hiring and reinforcement.

  1. Training elevates empathy for the user to the top of the requirements list. Tools give people the hammers and nails to implement that empathy.
  2. Hiring makes the UX mindset a prerequisite.
  3. Reinforcement brings rewards to people who do things with a UX smile.

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