Monday, October 31, 2011

UX, UI, IA, Content: Hats and Roles != People

It could be a cosmic alignment or just selective observation, but here are several smart posts on Hats and roles !=People, but they need to be assigned.

In UX/UI/IA work, that could mean:

A UX strategist who also has strengths in content strategy and IA. That would be me -- I came from newspapers, writing and planning every day. Then the web happened, add boxes and arrows. Then mobile; add magic.

There are also UX/UI people with visual strengths. Some are just as strong with content as the pure IA types; most are brilliant at visualizing the structures as things that are beautiful. Staff accordingly.

Here are the longer takes:

It's Time to Define CXO:  This is a cautionary and instructive read, on the roles and strategies for building UX into products and processes. You don't need to have a CXO on every project, but you do need to have people on the team who think like one.

Do Organizations Need a Chief Content Officer? The short answer is yes, of course they do. In olden days, the ranks of editors at print publications performed these roles at their organizations. The model has some carryover in terms of planning, ownership and responsibility for words and images.

Equipping Your UX Team for Success: Lots of do's and don'ts, worth noting.

And, finally: Designer Developer Workflow. Get it right, or else.