Sunday, November 25, 2012

Homes for Shelter Dogs Across Platforms and Users

The "Woofer" project, for Pedigree -- executed awesomely by Click3x, with an assist from me -- very smartly finds homes for shelter dogs across the browser, Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter.

The idea behind "Woofer" -- build a database of adoptable dogs by having shelter workers upload Instagram photos that are tagged to specific categories -- reinvents the shelter backbone by using existing social tools.

The integrated execution of "Woofer" is so smart in so many ways -- let us count them:

1. "Woofer" is natively social, from the data input to the sharing.

2. The marketing of "Woofer" -- frequently updated across the social channels with appealing promotions -- is thoughtful and compelling, and extends from online to TV.

3. The brand is also providing education about responsibly caring for pets to prospective adopters: a tactic shelters regard as the highest determinant of how successful the new friendship will be.

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What can your brand do that is as close to perfect for your audience as being a dog-food maker that sponsors shelters and has a marketing tie-in to a play about an orphaned girl and her stray dog, featuring a real-life shelter pet?

"Woofer" promo on Facebook for discounted tickets to "Annie." 

Sunny's story: the real-life shelter pet co-starring in "Annie."

How can we help more brands be this smart about doing good? #becauseawesome

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