Monday, August 29, 2011

The Best Space Toy Ever Made, Before Paradigms Shifted

Past visions of the future reveal more about the moment than they predict about tomorrow.

This vintage space toy, for broadcasting TV from far, far away, reveals so much about the technologies and the hopes of its time, while solving the wrong problem:

    • Issue: Space travelers will need broadcast TV

    • Wrong Solution: Imagining a space tractor, with space treads, to haul around a mid-20th-century television studio setup.

    • Better Approach / Paradigm Shift / Poking the Box: Instead of figuring out how to haul around something really heavy, why not invent something lighter?

    Metaphor for innovators: Are you still imagining a space tractor, or are you thinking about how to shift away from that big heavy thing to something portable?

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