Friday, August 19, 2011

UX Leadership - See, Speak, Share

Here's my SXSW panel proposal for 2012: UX Leadership - See, Speak, Share

Your clients aren't sure what UX is, or IXD, IA, or content strategy, but they know what sites they like when they see them.

Teaching clients, colleagues and staff how to recognize that "blink" moment, and giving them the vocabulary and concepts to evaluate and recreate engagement, interaction design, features and functionality, conversion paths, calls to action, content strategies and brand appropriate coolness factors, across the user experience -- well, that's win x win for them and for you, plus awesome sauce.

Also, it makes work more better.

Putting tools in the hands of the people you work with -- clients, colleagues, consultants or vendors -- so they can see, speak, show and share UX

(1) helps them make the best choices for their sites, and

(2) helps you structure and deliver the right results.

How do you teach others to see UX, to speak UX, and to share UX collaboratively?

Areas of attack include conversion, calls to action, content strategy, navigation structure, interaction design and emotional design.

There's also intuitve stuff -- capturing that "blink" moment and the vocabulary for describing it -- and objective stuff (put calls to action at the end of the line and on the right because that's where the line ends and the eye stops, and it's closest to the hand.)

  1. How do you help clients know what you do so they want you to do it with them, and so they can do it themselves?

  2. Content strategy: Do you do it at the beginning, the middle or the end? (Hint: All the time)

  3. Interaction design: Coolness vs. users still using the mouse vs. iPad vs. mobile -- how to choose

  4. Visual design: When to dial it up and when to dial it down; apps vs. web applications vs. e-commerce

  5. Agile, Sprint Zero, Waterfall? Yes. Also: learn the rules, blend, and cook at 450 degrees, altitude adjusted. 

Sound good? Vote it up here.

Also, leave a comment if you want me to do it as a presentation for you.

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