Monday, August 22, 2011

Friends and Family: Wagon Train to SXSW 2012

The always remarkable Allison Hemming and The Hired Guns have compiled this friends and family list of people pitching for SXSW 2012.

It's an impressive group: I learned a lot just reading and voting for these pitches.

See you in Austin?

Laurie Kalmanson
UX Leadership - See, Speak, Share
Judy McGuire
Allison Hemming
Get Engaged: Job Hunt Better Than You Date
Jen Pugh
If you're creative, why does your portfolio suck?

Ramona Pringle
Avatar Relationships & Real Life Success
David Alexander
Let the film find you

Jordan Burchette
Eat Shit Sleep: Enlightenment Through Unemployment
Tom Chernaik
Marketing Responsibly In 140 Characters or Less
Meryl Cooper
Jessica Kleiman
The Fame Game: Get Recognized & Rewarded at Work\
Lisa Dickens
Sheryl Victor
8 Tips To Help Explain Digital to Normals
Phil Gilman
Leading Strategy & Creative in a 365 World
Jeff Gothelf
Demystifying design: fewer secrets, bigger impacts
Allison Hemming
Manage With Care: Employees Are Your New Clients
Todd Henry
How To Be Brilliant At a Moment's Notice
Rachel Kramer Bussell
Dating and Privacy Online Post-Weinergate

Inna Kurbatsky
Four Simple Steps to Launching An Online Movement
Brandon Lee
Social Networking: Giving Cancer Patients a Voice
Bryce Longton
Panel: DIY Flashsale (Create & Concept One)
Jenine Lurie
Urban Intelligence: Messages from a Smart City
Erica Reitman
Brooklyn the Brand: How The Internet Made BK Famous
Noah ScalinGet Unstuck: Creative Inspiration from Skull-A-Day
Larry Smith
Marshalling Your Army of Interns 
Matt Smith
Panel: Complicating Products Is Easy, Simpliflying is Hard

Nichelle Stephens

Major Laser Focus: From Dilettantes To Polymaths
Beth Temple
How to Thrive in the Attention Deficit Economy

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